Seen and Sewn Blog Tour: Cozy Cardigan hack to a curved bottom robe


Hello guys! I’ve had the pleasure to join Seen and Sewn on this week’s Blog Tour. For my contribution, I’m hacking the Cozy Cardigan into a Curved Hem Robe.

My initial inspiration is this straight hem full length over. Immediately I knew that i had the perfect fabric to accomplish this look! I do love when I can shop my stash!


To maintain the light feel of the inspiration, I used a large floral Cotton Crepe fabric. Not only was I going to be able to wear it over regular clothes, but i could also wear it as a bathingsuit cover. The type of fabric would be thin enough to dry quickly and still be confortable.


The Cozy Cardigan pattern is characterized by its straight-curved high-low hem.So then, in order to re-create my inspiration, I would need to make the front hem curved and even out the length of the front and back at the side seams. Then I would need to lengthen all pattern pieces with the exception of the sleeves and cuffs. First, I started by measuring myself. After some trial and error I realized that the best way to do this is to grab a measuring tape and drop it from shoulder to crotch and measure the drop. Make sure the number 1 is been dropped down, this way is easier to accurately measure.

Initially I was going to create a Straight hem to resemble my inspiration, but after assembling the pieces, the curved hem started calling out to me instead. To keep the curve uniformed, I grabbed the back pattern piece and trace the curve onto the front, This shorten the pattern further by a bit more, but it will soon get fixed!


Then I cut the pattern pieces on the length or shorten lines. I decided to use a bright color to make it easy to see the adjustment when I use this pattern again. I lengthened it by 12 inches. The front banding i added 24 inches, since it goes around both sides of the front.


Then I grabbed the lengthened front and placed it directly on top of the back pattern piece. making sure that the side seams are together. I noted the difference. Make sure that you are measuring the side seam.

Finally I lengthen the back piece to match the front and started sewing!

Overall this garment took about 1.5 hours to make, from printing to hemming and its absolutely stunning! I love everything about this pattern since its so easy to hack it and its a super quick sew.

I was able to wear it as shown in my inspiration as well as a bathingsuit cover! The fabric choice did play a role in the success of this re-creation.

Seen and sewn is giving my readers a $1 pattern when they use the code, ss2gether19 during check out! Check out the rest of the tour for pattern hacks and inspiration. Also, don’t forget to tag me on instagram @craftstyleliving with your creations! Use the hashtag #handmaderevolution


The fabric for this garment is from So Sew English Fabrics and the original pattern can be seen here.

Now tell me what kind of hacks would you like to see? What pattern are you getting from seen and sew?

Welcome to the Seen & Sewn Together blog tour.


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